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Forecast: 22nd of February 2021 Showers and Thunderstorms possible SEQ

By SEQ Scotty

Looking at the latest computer weather modelling its possible showers and storms may form in southeast Queensland this afternoon and evening. Its all up to if unstable atmospheric conditions can overcome and push through the stabilising inversion layer. If this happens then showers and isolated storms will occur. Some may even become severe.

Forecast: 23rd and 24th of February 2021 Severe Thunderstorms SEQ

By SEQ Scotty

Severe thunderstorms are expected to develop and move through southeast Queensland on Tuesday and Wednesday. Its likely there will be more than one round of thunderstorms persisting into Tuesday evening. Large hail, Damaging to destructive winds and very heavy rainfall will be possible under severe storms.

Forecast: Showers and Thunderstorms 13th & 14th of February 2021 SEQ

By SEQ Scotty

Showers, thunderstorms & rain areas are expected to develop and move onto the Darling downs & Granite Belt from the west during Saturday. Severe thunderstorms are likely with damaging winds & very heavy rainfall. Late Saturday into Sunday the remnants of this shower & thunderstorm activity will continue moving through the rest of SEQ.